Clinical Assessment and Treatment

Dr Sophie Nesbitt is a creative and innovative Consultant Clinical Psychologist who specialises in the assessment and treatment of emotional difficulties and mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, obsessional compulsive disorder, attachment and adjustment difficulties and eating disorders. Sophie also works with families and friends of people experiencing emotional distress to provide psychoeducation and support to enable them to better support their child or family member.

With over twenty years of NHS experience, Sophie’s work is informed by evidence base for treatment. Sophie follows the National Institute of Clinical Excellence guidance for the treatment of emotional disorders. This focuses on the use of cognitive behavioural therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy. Sophie believes strongly that the therapeutic alliance is fundamental to all aspects of work and enjoys working with patients to develop warm and empathetic therapeutic relationships that can enable positive and effective change.

Sophie offers a psychological assessment of difficulties. This involves a semi-structured interview whereby Sophie will take a history of the presenting problems and assess in more detail the presenting symptoms. Following this interview, there may be a need for a further assessment session depending on the extent of the difficulties being experienced. For young people, this can sometimes involve talking to other family members.

Sophie has worked with many difficult to reach young people and has the warmth and rapport to engage young people/adults who may be experiencing psychological distress. Sophie strongly believes in educating and empowering young people to understand.